About Accounting Doctor

We provide planning and advice through a relationship with a dedicated financial advisor.

Our experienced advisors provide advice on financial topics and can create a personal financial plan and investment strategy for you that can adapt to changes in your life.

With us, you’ll always have choices.

We value serving small and large companies, giving back to people, and creating a positive difference in people’s lives.


By making it easy for small and large companies to navigate through the tax, financial, and federal regulatory climate, Choice Financial serves the US economy and develops a roadmap for each entrepreneur on their growth journey.


Adam B. Remis,

Mr. Remis has over 20 years of combined tax, CFO, accounting and audit consulting experience. Prior to The Accounting Doctor, Mr. Remis’s career included positions with InnSuites Hospitality Trust (NYSE AMERICAN: IHT), Deloitte & Touche and Jefferson Wells.

Mr. Remis has a Master of Science in Information Management from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Economic Decision Sciences from the University of California, San Diego. In February 1997, Mr. Remis became a CPA and was admitted to practice in the State of Arizona. Mr. Remis strives to find the most tax deductions and credits for his clients.


Javier Melendez

Mr. Javier Melendez is a Licensed Life Insurance Agent. As a Licensed Life Insurance Agent for nearly 15 years, Mr. Melendez has assisted hundreds of businesses and individuals utilize insurance as a tool to assist his clients with their financial objectives. Typically life insurance proceeds are used to provide assistance after death but Mr. Melendez utilizes these insurance products as a tool to assist with life objectives including building wealth, removing debt or paying for a dependents’ education. With a broad understanding of finance and taxes, Mr. Melendez understands when additional specialized resources are needed and with his team of resources, Choice Financial provides a comprehensive solution that looks at all angles of proposed financial solutions. He takes pride in his client service to ensure all questions are answered. Mr. Melendez lives in the Northern California area, spending time with his friends/family.


Cory McClure MBA, ASBC


An Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC) and financial manager with over 25 years of accounting management experience who continues to help growing businesses improve their accounting and financial management. In addition, he has worked with numerous small and medium size companies to improve internal communications and role expectations by creating SOPs to standardize accounting, improve workflows, and establish meaningful reporting processes for management, resulting in effective work environments and maximized performance. He also applies his extensive experience to provide project management and strategic planning for his clients. When Cory is not in the office you can find him on the golf course enjoying the many courses around central and southern Arizona. He is married and the father of 3 children.


What We Offer

Our services are a unique blend of comprehensive financial planning, long term retirement planning, tailored investment management, tax-smart asset allocation, risk management, tax advisory, estate planning, and college planning with a long term focus on you and your goals. We offer concierge-level Wealth advisory geared to your specific needs through life transitions. In many cases, we serve as a multi-generational family office and become a trusted advisor as you manage and transfer assets and investments between generations.

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