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We have a team of professionals working strategically together to help you set and achieve your short and long-term business goals


We have a team of professionals working strategically together to help you set and achieve your short and long-term business goals


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One common question we receive when discussing key person benefits is “What is a buy/sell agreement?” A buy/sell agreement, also known as a buyout agreement, is a contract funded by a life insurance policy that can help minimize the turmoil caused by the sudden departure, disability or death of a business owner or partner.

Potential Business Benefits of a Buy/Sell Agreement

A buy/sell agreement gives employers peace of mind knowing that their business is in capable hands should they no longer be able or want to manage it.


It also:

  • Provides money to create a fair market value exchange
  • Promotes equitable and orderly transfer of wealth, ownership and management
  • May offer tax advantages
  • Guarantees heirs a buyer for assets they may not know how to manage
  • Provides heirs cash to pay estate debt, expenses and taxes

Potential Benefits for Business Partners and Employees

For employees, a buy/sell agreement provides a way to purchase a business they have a vested interest in but may not have the capital for.

It also:

  • Assures remaining owners that the deceased’s share of the business will not pass on to someone unsuitable
  • Assures continuity for customers, creditors and employees

Types of Buy/Sell Agreements

Many business owners choose one of two buy/sell agreement life insurance plans.

They include:

A cross purchase plan – A cross purchase agreement depends on each business owner buying a life insurance policy on each of the other owners. Then, when an owner dies, the remaining owners use the payout from the life insurance policy to buy the deceased owner’s share of the business.

An entity purchase, or stock redemption, plan – Each employee-owner enters into an agreement with the business to sell their interest in the business. As part of the agreement, the business buys life insurance policies on the lives of each owner.

Key Man Insurance

Key man insurance, otherwise known as key person or key employee insurance, is coverage which can help protect your company in the case of an untimely death or disability of a top salesperson, executive or business owner.

A key man life insurance policy provides peace of mind to business owners and shareholders alike knowing the business can continue operations without major disruption in the event of the loss of a key employee. If death or disability strikes, key person insurance may be the difference between your company’s ultimate survival.

Executive Bonus Carve-Out Plans

As companies grow and prosper, executives who manage the evolution and operations of an organization become incredibly important assets. Companies may go the extra mile to offer supplemental executive benefits to these individuals, in exchange for the immense value and security they add to the work environment.

If your company has some of these one-of-a-kind executives, an executive carve-out plan may be just what you need. Executive carve-out plans are non-qualified plans for highly-compensated individuals, allocating compensation on top of what would already be available to them through the company’s group term life insurance.

401k Options

Want to provide competitive retirement options to your employees? No problem. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can offer 401(k) to your employees.

We will work with your team to design your company’s plan, review and sign IRS plan documents, as well as review and approve census data.

Individual Retirement (IRAs)

The Accounting Doctor offers multiple types of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to help meet your goals.

Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Rollover IRAs are the 3 most common types of individual retirement accounts. Variations of common IRA types include Inherited IRAs and Custodial IRAs. Whichever you choose, The Accounting Doctor can assist you.

Business Overhead Protection

The price tag for college tuition can be overwhelming especially if viewed through the lens of an unexpected loss in the family.

Fortunately, a life insurance policy can be a good option to help ensure that children are able to finance their education should the family breadwinner(s) pass away.

Disability Income Protection

One of the benefits of a permanent life policy is the ability to accrue “cash value.” In its simplest form, the cash value within a policy is the balance remaining after a portion of a premium payment is applied to insurance costs.

It is this feature that provides a few different uses for life insurance in retirement.

We provide services, insights and solutions that can help you and your business thrive.

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