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The Employment Retention Tax Credit

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Many businesses haven’t heard about the benefits of the Employment Retention Tax Credit or taken advantage of this government assistance. The Accounting Doctor has hired experienced CPA’s who specialize in processing Employee Retention Tax Credits and working with the Internal Revenue Service.

“We are experts in listening to your financial business concerns and diagnosing the best route towards granting you the most out of your investment. While helping you take advantage of the governments assistance that’s being offered. The Accounting Doctor will take on the hard work for you leaving you a seamless transition to acquiring your refund.”



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Setup a Free Consultation

Setup a Free Consultation

When you setup a Free Consultation with one of our professionals, we are ready to learn about your business to see if you are eligible for these Government Tax Credits. Once we analyze your eligibility, we will send you an agreement and take it on from there.

Gathering Documents

There are a few forms that will need to be obtained for us to properly file with the IRS. Once you sign the agreement, we will discuss the necessary documents.

Time to Relax!

Once we become your partner, take some time to sit back and relax with confidence knowing that we have nothing but your best interest in mind. Leaving you to take the time to meditate and envision your next moves.


Employee Retention Tax Credit

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