Retirement planning is a cornerstone of financial well-being, offering both security and peace of mind for your future. At The Accounting Doctor, we specialize in a broad spectrum of retirement solutions, each designed to meet diverse financial landscapes and goals.

Traditional 401(k)

A cornerstone of retirement savings, the Traditional 401(k) plan offers employees the opportunity to save for retirement with pre-tax dollars, reducing taxable income and providing tax-deferred growth. We guide employers in setting up and managing these plans to optimize benefits for both the company and its employees.

Solo 401(k)

For the self-employed and business owners with no employees, the Solo 401(k) presents a unique opportunity to save for retirement while maximizing tax advantages. Our expertise ensures that your Solo 401(k) is tailored to your individual business and retirement goals.

SIMPLE 401(k)

Designed for small businesses, the SIMPLE 401(k) offers a straightforward, cost-effective retirement solution. We assist in navigating the setup and contribution processes, ensuring compliance and maximizing benefits for both employers and employees.


The SIMPLE IRA is an ideal retirement solution for small businesses seeking an easy-to-manage plan with lower costs. Our guidance ensures that your SIMPLE IRA aligns with your business structure and provides a solid foundation for your employees’ retirement savings.

Profit Sharing Plan

A Profit Sharing Plan allows employers to make contributions to their employees’ retirement savings based on the company’s profits, offering flexibility in contributions and fostering a culture of shared success. We help design and implement these plans to align with your business goals and enhance employee engagement.

Section 412(e)(3) Plan

The Section 412(e)(3) Plan, also known as a fully insured defined benefit plan, offers guaranteed retirement benefits backed by life insurance and annuity products. Our expertise ensures that your plan complies with regulations and serves as a powerful tool for retirement planning.

Cash Balance Plan

A Cash Balance Plan combines the high contribution limits of a defined benefit plan with the flexibility and portability of a defined contribution plan. We specialize in customizing these plans to fit your business’s unique needs, maximizing tax advantages and retirement savings.

Defined Benefit Plan

For those seeking a traditional approach to retirement planning, Defined Benefit Plans provide fixed, pre-established benefits for employees at retirement. Our services include plan design, compliance, and funding strategies to ensure a secure retirement for your employees.

Securing Your Financial Future

With The Accounting Doctor, your retirement planning is in expert hands. Our comprehensive suite of retirement solutions ensures that you and your employees are well-prepared for the future, with plans tailored to meet every need and goal.

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